Any person parenting multiple pets would know how well and quick their babies can bond! Great Dane Dayna and her tiny Chihuahua sister, Kizzy, are one such inseparable pair who have won our hearts with their adorable antics!



Mom was worried that Kizzy would disappear every night from her bed. So one night, after she sees Kizzy’s bed empty again, she decides to investigate. It wasn’t even hard to locate her – all mom had to do was step outside her room, and there was Kizzy, comfortably perched and napping on her giant big sister!

The tiny Kizzy seems to be having a ball on her cuddly sister. Kizzy uses Dayna as a soft bed to cozy up during the cold winter, while Dayna happily obliges. Great Danes are often called ‘The Gentle Giants’, and now we know why!



It is inspiring to see how dogs of all breeds and sizes end up becoming the best of friends. If we were Kizzy, we too would want to skip our beds, and snuggle with the adorable Dayna. We’re just thankful it’s not Dayna who wants to sleep on Kizzy!



From what we’ve seen, Mom has given up on separating their beds, as the sisters comfortably sleep together, without any worries!

Click the video below to watch the adorable pair napping together!