Kookie the dog is a beautiful Labrador Retriever mix who hails from Zamboanga in the Phillippines. The sweet dog recently gave birth to a litter of puppies, but sadly one male did not survive the first night.

Kookie’s owner, Kaye de Luna, found out the sad news when she woke up the next day. Kookie was barking loudly to let them know one of her babies was gone.

Source: Daily Mail

Being a caring pet parent, Ms. de Luna buried the tiny pup’s body in an unmarked grave in the family’s garden. A few hours later, she went to take Kookie for a walk and saw a heartbreaking scene.

There in the garden, Kookie was seen digging up the little body of her deceased pup. She pawed and scratched at the dirt until she located her precious baby. Kookie pulled the lifeless body from the earth and snuggled next to him.

Source: Daily Mail

Even though the mama dog had a whole litter to attend to, she was missing one important life and wanted him back.

Ms. de Luna can be heard sobbing during the video footage, which you can view below. Warning: This video contains sensitive matter including the body of a deceased pup.

H/T: Daily Mail