A Labrador (later named Kross) was living a nightmarish life of abuse and neglect in a village about 12 miles outside the city. Kross was chained outside his home in extreme weather conditions all day, with no food or water. His owners were alcoholics who would visit the property once in a while, only to beat the life out of him before leaving.

A woman from the village was horrified when she learned about Kross’ vile living conditions. When she visited him, she realized that the poor bound pooch had dug out multiple holes in his perimeter to cope with the boredom and frustration of his hopeless depressing life. He would cry all day in isolation and crave for some company, even if it meant looking forward to the arrival of his sadistic owners and getting beaten up again.


Source: Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel/YouTube


The woman began dropping by the property regularly to feed Kross and console him. Over time, she realized that the food offered by her was the only thing keeping him alive. She was burdened by the dog’s predicament and decided to reach out to a shelter in the city for help. She contacted a rescue named “Love Furry Friends” and asked them for their help.

In this video, we see some rescue workers visiting the village to save Kross. The dog was moaning and pacing about restlessly begging for freedom, so the rescuers broke his chains and whisked him away from his agonizing life. However, they had to seek external help to remove the heavy lock and chain wrapped around his neck.


Source: Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel/YouTube


Kross’ vet evaluation revealed multiple scars on his body that would be a permanent reminder of the thrashings he endured throughout his life. He also had deep and infected skin abrasions around his neck due to the punishing heavy chains he had to live with.


Source: Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel/YouTube


Considering his stressful past, Kross is now receiving lessons from a dog trainer and a zoopsychologist. He just loves the fun exercises, command training, and socialization sessions with other dogs. He is a gentle and affectionate boy with a forgiving heart, and we are positive he will be enjoying with his forever family in no time. Good luck, Kross!

Click the video below to watch Kross’ rescue from the wretched life he was living with his abusive alcoholic owners.

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.