From joy and attachment to anxiety and protectiveness, every mother goes through a variety of emotions after the birth of a baby, and dogs are no different. In this video, we see the heart-breaking emotions of a Bulldog named Kuma, as she finds out her babies were born premature.



Kuma had just given birth to 3 puppies, and 2 of them were premature and weakened. So, the puppies were placed in an incubator, to make sure that they survive with extra care. But that hardly made a difference to Kuma, as her anxiousness heightened every second.

Unable to hide her worries, Kuma finally decides to peep into the incubator. She climbs over a chair, and leans over to the incubator, checking to see if the puppies are okay. She stays glued to the spot, and it seems that she is proud of her babies for holding on!



We are happy to find out that Kuma’s puppies survived the ordeal, and were soon able to go home with their dad, Sour Pork, who is also a Bulldog. The canine family is now doing fine in their forever home. It is really heartwarming to see Kuma’s concern and care towards her puppies!

Click the video below to watch Kuma refusing to take her eyes off her premature babies!