Alexis Pugh sees a lot of animal mistreatment in the course of a day as director of Memphis Animal Services. The latest case of animal cruelty is one that she says is very uncommon but extremely alarming.

Authorities report 18-year-old Kyoko Smith admitted to killing her grandmother’s tiny Shih Tzu dog. She cut off the dog’s head and placed it in a dresser drawer before cutting the heart out and putting it in the freezer.

The family member who told police what happened also reported receiving photos of the dead dog from Kyoko Smith’s mother.

The East Memphis, Tennessee woman was arrested and charged with killing an animal but was released on a $5,000 bond until her next court appearance.

Source: Sebastian Kurpiel/Unsplash

“Absolutely the first thing that comes to my mind is please, please, I pray that animal didn’t suffer too long,” Alexis Pugh, shared. “My second thought is, this is a person who needs some help and I’m glad this is someone that has been identified by authorities because the lengths this person went to mutilate this innocent animal.

Pugh hopes that people will continue to report cases of animal abuse to authorities so something can be done. More about this case can be viewed by pressing play on the video below.