Lady and Reilly were off on a grand adventure, but the doggy duo didn’t have permission to do so. Jason Norris realized his dogs were missing from the back yard and quickly noticed how they managed to escape. A piece of the dog owner’s fence blew off, making the perfect getaway location for the exploring dogs.

Norris immediately went looking for the duo and spotted them walking up the side of a road near a hospital. Though he called out to them, Lady came back but Reilly kept going. Where he wound up almost cost the determined doggo his life.

Source: WABI5

A patient at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, Maine, alerted the staff of a dog outside. Four nurses urgently sprung into action to see if they could help.

The good Samaritans ran down railroad tracks towards a lake, which is where they saw Reilly in deep trouble.

Source: WABI5

“By the time we got there, we realized he was in the water with his head stuck under a rock. Maybe like 10 minutes maneuvering his head a little bit. He was scared,” Kara Calor, RN at NLEMMC said.

Norris was teary-eyed on being reunited with his lost dog. He told local media he was deployed by the military three times and he “can’t remotely thank the lady enough for what she was willing to do to bring my dog back home.”

Source: WABI5

Other than some scrapes and a puncture wound on her chest, Reilly is okay. Norris plans to pay it forward thanks to the kind team of nurses who saved his dog’s life.

Watch how the entire situation unfolded in the video below.