While an animal rescuer was driving down the road, she saw a small figure from her rearview mirror. As the figure got closer and she began to slow down, she realized it was a tiny puppy. The puppy, all on his own, was eagerly trying to catch up with the rescuer’s car and she had no idea why.

The woman eventually pulled over to the shoulder and turned off her ignition. The puppy continued to approach. The rescuer stepped out of her car and made her way towards the little angel… the angel that was so desperate to be saved!

The puppy, later named Bandit, knew he needed help but was frightened. He ran from the rescuer when she tried to grab him and hid beneath her car. He used all his bravery for the chase and now he was unsure if he could be courageous enough to trust this woman.

With determined coaxing, the puppy finally emerged. The woman soothingly told him it would be okay and that he was safe now. The puppy had no identifying tags or microchip. Like this woman had seen time and time again, this poor angel was homeless. He could have been born as a stray or dumped at birth.

Bandit was not a stray anymore! The woman took him into her arms and told him he’d never want for anything again. He was officially saved. They headed straight to the vet where the woman decided that she would foster Bandit. Bandit was her youngest foster to date, but she was happy to help the little guy. He had such a tough life so far and trust wasn’t an easy thing for him.

Bandit is currently living with his foster mom. When he is a little older, he will be available to a loving home. Thankfully his story is making its rounds on social media. We hope this helps him find his forever family. Can you share Bandit’s story? Let’s make sure he gets the best home possible. To see his entire rescue, scroll down!