Cops at Lake County Sheriff’s Department are investigating a bizarre case of gun violence that lead to the death of a pet dog. Locals of the Crown Point neighborhood claim that a feud over “dogs” between two unidentified men escalated into a gunfire and they started shooting at each other.


Source: Netloop/Pixabay


As per the accounts of witnesses, one of the arguing men shot the other’s dog in the head. The dog died shortly after. The owner of the dog also suffered a gunshot wound to his head. He was rushed to St. Anthony hospital, and is said to be critical.

Aerial footage of the neighborhood after the incident shows many police cars lined up on the street as the officers look for the alleged shooter. If you have any information that could help identify the shooter or the victim, do contact the authorities. Spread the word.


Source: Rudy van der Veen/Skitterphoto | Netloop/Pixabay


Update: Cops have updated that the shooter has been tracked and taken into custody. However, his name is still being kept under wraps. It breaks our hearts to see an innocent dog lose his life due to squabbling men. We hope that the incident is properly investigated and the culprit is punished appropriately. Let’s raise our voices for justice to be served.

Click the video below to watch the news coverage of this bone-chilling shooting incident.