Thanks to a smart-thinking neighbor’s cell phone video, a dog’s life was saved, one woman has been arrested, and authorities say a child took part in this latest case of dog abuse.

Police received a call about a woman kicking a dog on her front porch. Next to the woman joining in the brutal abuse was her 9-year-old son.

Source: Fox43

Initially, 28-year-old Ashley Gaston denied the allegations to police and stated she only “smacked the dog in the head once” for trying to bite her son. Once police saw the video, there was no denying the facts.

The cell phone video was shared hundreds of times on social media, and police were able to confirm the abuser was Gaston.

“It wasn’t like she was trying to separate the dog from the child,” Lt. Bill Hickey said. “There was nobody being attacked or in danger from the dog. The only danger was to the dog at that point.”

Source: Fox43

The dog, named Trigger, has bruised lungs and is in the care of the local SPCA. Gaston has been arrested and is in the Lancaster County Prison facing charges of felony animal cruelty, endangering the welfare of children, and corruption of minors.

Warning that the video below does show the abuse, but this video saved the innocent animal’s life.