Larry is currently in a state of panic regarding Sandy. He has been combing through shelters and even hired a pet detective to track Sandy. He considers Sandy to be his lifeline and he cannot function without her. He has offered a $500 reward for any help in locating Sandy. Pass on Larry’s plea and help track his missing service dog.


Source: WFLA News Channel 8/YouTube


Source: Jamie Katz Pet Detective/Facebook


Sandy immediately leaped with happiness when she saw Larry approaching. Larry broke down into tears and held Sandy tight in an embrace. Larry is thankful to every person who helped look for Sandy. We are so glad they found each other!

Update: After 22 days of excruciating search, Sandy has finally been found! She was taken in by a kind stranger who thought she was a stray. The pet detective Larry had hired helped Larry get to Sandy, and finally, a reunion happened!

Click the video below to watch Larry talk about his emotional connection with Sandy and how she helps him get by!

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