Animal abuse will not be tolerated in the state of Arizona, thanks to a tougher law signed by Governor Doug Ducey in the state. Sadly, it used to be a class 6 felony for those charged with abuse of an animal. Now, it’s been made a class 5, making it tougher to change it to a misdemeanor.

The law adds more severe penalties for animal cruelty cases.  Randy Peterson, the Humane Society of Southern Arizona’s director of development is thrilled with this development.

“Elevating it to a class 5 helps us get to the same level it is in most states,” Peterson told KVOA-TV.

Of course, opponents of the law say there could be wrongful convictions of innocent people. Peterson disagrees and believes it is a step in the right direction.

He says animal welfare providers no longer want to have to battle animal cruelty and this law will help.

This is definitely a win for animals in the state of Arizona and we thank Governor Ducey and all those involved!