Lebron James is a famous basketball player known for his on-court talents. Lebronny is a three-year-old Dachshund known for his smooth moves off the court.

When Lebronny’s dad walked into the room, the precious pooch looked like someone let the cat out of the bag. He hung his head low and he denied any wrongdoing.

Source: ABC News

The stuffing from a torn up a pillow on the floor indicated “someone” made a big mess. There is no way the innocent dog did it, and that piece of stuffing on his nose means nothing.

“Who’s done all this,” his dad says aloud. The poor pooch looks away and then down and refuses to admit his wrongdoing.

Source: ABC News

The camera pans around the room and shows the big mess but Lebronny will not take responsibility.

Watch the pooch who is innocent until proven guilty in the adorable video below.