Visitors at the West Oahu beach in Hawaii were horrified to hear muffled shrieks coming from under the sand. They dug up the area to find a dog buried alive in the scorching hot sun. She was barely breathing.


Source: pawsofhawaii/Instagram


The dog, named Leialoha, was rescued by “PAWS of Hawaii”. Nobody knows for how long Leialoha was buried, but she was completely emaciated and dehydrated. On top of that, she lost all her fur while being buried, and infectious pus had started oozing out of her rotting, sun-burnt skin.

There were a lot of deep cuts and wounds visible on Leialoha’s body, which indicated that she was abused by her owner. Authorities speculate that when the abuse got out of hand, Leialoha started dying because of her injuries. Instead of taking her to the vet’s, her owner simply buried her alive to get rid of her body.


Source: pawsofhawaii/Instagram


The poor dog’s recovery looked doubtful as she would bleed every time she was bathed. But just after 20 days of treatment, her health has remarkably improved and she looks happier than she has ever been. Leialoha is currently receiving love and care in her foster home. She will need about 6 months to recover fully.


Source: PAWS of Hawaii/Facebook


Meanwhile, her scumbag abuser is still running free. A reward of $1000 has been announced for any information that can help in the arrest of the culprit. You can drop tips at 808-955-8300 or at the Crime Stoppers website. Spread the word.

Click the video below to watch some vital information on how the dying Leialoha was found.