Parents Chris and Katie Downs recently lost their loyal family dog, Mellow. However, it was Leo, their 6-year-old son, who was hit the hardest by Mellow’s death. Mellow was Leo’s constant companion ever since he was a toddler. The poor kid had no idea how to go on with his life without Mellow by his side.


Source: Chris Downs/Facebook | Katie Downs/Facebook


Chris and Katie were worried to see their little boy suffering silently through the entire ordeal. So they started visiting shelters to adopt a new puppy who could help Leo cope with his pain. One of the shelters they visited was “Stray Rescue of St. Louis”.

As fate would have it, Stray Rescue of St. Louis had a puppy named Nutty Buddy who looked exactly like Mellow. He had the same coat color and a similar white pattern on his face. The parents immediately adopted the puppy, but decided to hold off breaking the news until Leo saw the puppy himself.


Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis/Facebook


In this heart-rending video, we see Leo’s parents take him to the shelter under the ruse of “dropping donations”. When Leo finally sees Nutty Buddy’s familiar face, he is hit by a truckload of emotions as he tries to process the situation. In a tear-jerking moment, Leo sobs helplessly and embraces his new best friend with all his might. We hope Nutty Buddy’s love helps him heal himself! What a beautiful start of a new friendship!

Click the video below to watch the tear-jerking moment when Leo realizes that he’s getting a new puppy!