A boy named Leo was particularly close to his family dog, Mellow. Leo and Mellow were best friends and constant companions. Unfortunately, Mellow died too soon, and little Leo was left with a flood of emotions that he didn’t know how to process.


Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis/Facebook


Leo’s parents, Chris and Katie Downs, were worried that Leo was not coping well with Mellow’s loss. So, they decided to get him a new shelter puppy. They looked into a local shelter and were pleased to find a cute puppy named Nutty Buddy, who resembled Mellow quite a bit.

Chris and Katie drove Leo to the shelter, but didn’t break the news to him just yet. They told him that they wanted to drop-off some donations at the shelter, and wanted to save the real surprise for Leo. However, Leo’s reaction ended up being way too special.


Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis/Facebook


In this video, we see Leo’s precious face as he realizes that he has been gifted a puppy that looks exactly like Mellow. The boy’s grief and joy erupt together, as he breaks down in the loudest wails and hugs Nutty Buddy. You might need tissues as you watch this overwhelmingly bittersweet meeting!

Click the video below to watch Leo’s highly emotional reaction to meeting a new puppy that looks exactly like his deceased dog!