Leo, a Golden Doodle from Latham, New York, is torn apart when the life of his favorite brown plush toy is threatened due to a giant hole. As Leo sees the innards of the toy protruding, his heart sinks and he immediately runs to his dad for help.

Source: Hayley Alaxanian/Facebook

Dad’s first thought is to let the toy go. But seeing Leo’s passionate love for the toy, he decides that a “life-saving surgery” is worth a shot. He immediately reaches out for the sewing supplies and begins fixing the “dying” toy under Leo’s watchful supervision.

In this video, we see Leo impatiently waiting beside Dad while he wields the needle. Leo is visibly devastated, and his worried eyes anxiously move with every swing of the needle. For the tensed Leo, every second seems like an eternity and we can’t help but feel sorry for this poor doggo.

Source: Hayley Alaxanian/Facebook

Thankfully for Leo, his plush toy pulls through and Leo is finally able to breathe easy! He is all smiles to see his “baby” in one piece, and promises to never let it come in harm’s way again. We are in awe of Leo’s gentle heart and also of his doting dad’s approach to healing both the toy and Leo’s precious heart. There’s love shining on so many levels here!

Click the video below to watch as Leo adorably stands by as he waits for Dad to fix his favorite toy!