We’ve all been there, struggling to keep our tired eyes open during a night-time video chat or phone call. Mom Brookelyn Bilski, shared a similar plight when she was on a FaceTime chat with her boyfriend, Sam Stine, but helplessly fell asleep.



Sam noticed that Brookelyn had fallen asleep with her phone against her pillow, so he was about to end the video call. That’s when he watched her adorable 4-year-old Chihuahua, Leo, walk over to the phone, and stare directly into his eyes.

Sam was moved by Leo’s earnestness and polite manners. So he decided to have a little get-to-know-each-other conversation with little Leo. The pair ended up having a long chat on deep and meaningful issues.



Sam was so buoyant after the conversation that he shared a picture of his cool dog-versation with his Twitter followers.



He had little idea that the post would go viral, as pet-lovers actively shared the post while recounting similar pet-chat experiences!



We can’t get over Leo’s charming FaceTime-crashing antics. We hope Sam tells him how famous he has become over their next video-call!