John Dickinson-Lilley is legally blind and uses his guide dog, Brett, to get around. He is also a British Paralympic skiing champion who is the latest victim of discrimination because he uses a service animal.

Lilley was refused admittance to Sainsbury’s, located in central London. As soon as he entered the establishment, the security guard said, “no, no, no… No dogs allowed.”

Source: Metro UK

He asked for a manager but was refused. Ironically, Sainsbury’s has been a sponsor of the British Paralympics team since 2012.

In the U.K., under the Equality Act, businesses must allow guide dogs into their premises unless there is an extreme circumstance.

Source: Metro UK

Lilley, who retired from competitive skiing in 2018, plans to take Sainsbury’s to court. He reports this is the second time he was refused admittance to the store with his guide dog.

According to Metro UK, a Sainsbury’s spokesman reported: “We have apologized to John for his experience and reassured him assistance dogs are welcome in all our stores and petrol stations.”