A UK family is thanking their lucky stars after their nine-year-old dog, Lilly, survived a very scary incident.

A month ago, the Yorkshire Terrier spiked a fever, was vomiting and in pain, and also had diarrhea. Her owner, Norma Mackay, knew something wasn’t right and rushed her to the vet. There, an ultrasound revealed a sharp object that had pierced through one of her kidneys.

Lilly underwent emergency surgery to remove what ended up being a four-inch wooded BBQ skewer, which Lilly was believed to have swallowed four weeks prior after their family held a barbecue.

The skewer wound up piercing her kidney after it had passed through her intestine and across her abdomen. Since the skewer was so long and caused a lot of damage, they were unable to save the kidney and had to remove it.

Thankfully, the surgery was successful and Lilly is expected to make a full recovery. She is now healing at home after she was given IV fluids to support the one kidney she has left.

Hopefully Lilly’s story will encourage others to keep a closer eye on their dogs, especially around anything they could potentially chew on and accidentally swallow.