This beautiful little soul never had a decent day. Her cruel elderly owner placed a chain around her neck and left her like that, for seven years. She never had the chance to run and play, or snuggle up on a sofa with someone who loves her. The sweet dog, named Luna, lived in filth. She was trapped and afraid, as her hair grew, and matted up with balls of dirt.

For seven years, that’s 2,555 days, Luna lived the saddest life while eating her meals from the ground. Finally, a neighbor got involved and called DAR Animal Rescue. We wish it would’ve been sooner…

When DAR rescuers arrived, they couldn’t get Luna out of there fast enough. She was petrified. She had never been “free” before. She also had no idea where she was going! But one of the rescuers held her tight and did her best to comfort her.

Luna felt a blanket for the first time. She didn’t have to lie on hard dirty ground or in the barrel her owner left for her. She could lie down inside, on something soft– and she was in total awe. Her facial expression says it all! She’s thinking “So this is what it feels like to have dreams come true!”

The next step for little Luna was to shave those mats off! She was such a trooper. She got a new little hoodie and looked great. She couldn’t stop wagging her adorable tail while she ran around, thanking her new caregivers.

Luna didn’t stay long at the shelter. She found her forever family pretty fast and for that, we are so grateful. And now every single day feels like a dream come true. She even has a doggy sibling!

Her new family tells the rescue group that Luna is happy all the time. She’s grateful. She understands that she was living a terrible life and had to for seven years– but that is in the past now. Now she puts one paw in front of the other as she runs toward her best life possible! Oh and her mom says, she even loves being groomed!

Watch Luna’s rescue story in the video below. Thank you, DAR! And thank you to all the amazing animal rescuers out there!