One of the great joys of having a dog is witnessing the precious moments when our dogs try to imitate us. Even more precious is when our dogs watch our kids having fun and try to mimic them!

One smart Pit Bull named Loco did exactly that! Loco saw his sisters jumping on the bed and having a ball, and he wanted to join in. And Loco’s owner, Gil Abramov, caught it all on film!

As the video begins, we see Loco just casually walking between the two girls, as if all the jumping isn’t exciting him. But he can’t hold his cool for much longer, and leaps on the bed to join the fun!

As the girls and Loco jump about, the girls keep encouraging Loco to jump higher, and Loco obliges! He just can’t comprehend how much fun this springy mattress is. He is clearly the winner of today’s mattress jumping contest! Go Loco!

Click the video below to watch Loco having a ball on the mattress.