Meet Kumbali. He’s a sweet little cheetah cub who had a rough start in life. His mom wasn’t producing enough milk for him and his two brothers. So he slowly started losing weight. It wasn’t looking too good for him, so the zoo handlers decided to keep him apart and feed him by hand.

This meant that he wouldn’t be getting the typical social upbringing that cheetahs need to have a healthy life. Even though cheetahs are thought to be solitary animals, they actually interact a lot with other cheetahs nearby and even form coalitions.

So, how were they going to help Kumbali grow up to be a healthy cheetah male? They found him another four-legged friend! Kago the Labrador mix became his new best friend, and now they have a brother-like bond. Zoo handlers say that they are inseparable.

They now live together in an outside enclosure in the Metro Richmond Zoo, and there are no plans of separating them any time soon!