A shelter found a sick stray dog struggling from a bad case of mange. The dog had beautiful blue eyes, but life on the streets had made him look filthy and forlorn. The shelter shared his photo on Facebook, hoping that someone would give this down-on-luck dog a chance.


Source: Galina Lekunova/Facebook


As people started sharing the poor dog’s photo, the shelter received a call from a woman claiming that the dog looked like her dog who was stolen from her backyard 2 years ago. The shelter asked her to come and visit the dog, and see if the dog recognized her.

In this video, we see the woman reach out to the dejected and lonely dog. The dog seems alarmed at first, but he faintly recognizes the smell and sweet face of his mom. He stretches his paws towards her and rises up to see her face from up-close.


Source: MKP “Schaslivі Tvarini”/Facebook


The dog instantly acknowledges her and starts licking and kissing her all over! The woman too breaks down in tears and hugs her lost baby (his name is Lord!). This intensely emotional reunion has left us all in tears. We are thankful to the shelter and every person who shared Lord’s photo and helped him find his way back to his mom again!

Click the video below to watch this beautiful and memorable reunion between Lord and his mom after 2 years!