Louie the homeless dog had only known a life of neglect and deprivation. The sad pup was living on the streets of a North Macedonian village, and had developed severe mange and infections that made his skin blotchy and hairless.


Source: Saving Macedonian Strays – Pepa’s Rescue Team/Facebook


Due to his sickly appearance, the skeletal Louie was often beaten by the villagers. Whenever Louie was in pain and begged for help, the villagers would stone him and shoo him away for being a “monster that spreads disease”.

Thankfully, Saving Macedonian Strays (SMS) heard about Louie’s condition and brought him to their shelter. But by now, Louie had become very weak and had very little fight left in him. However, the volunteers helped him pick up the pieces of his crushed soul and find the will to stay alive.


Source: Saving Macedonian Strays – Pepa’s Rescue Team/Facebook


After months of medication and care, Louie started getting better bit by bit. Today, his beautiful fur has grown back as shiny and healthy as before. This gorgeous boy is completely unrecognizable after recovery! All that he needs now is a forever home to call his own. Let’s get the word out and help him get adopted.


Source: Saving Macedonian Strays – Pepa’s Rescue Team/Facebook


Update: The shelter has updated that Louie has been adopted by a family in the UK. The gentle giant has left the scars of his miserable past behind and embraced his new family with a loving heart. What a happy ending! Let’s share Louie’s story to show why every dog deserves a fair chance to live!

Click the video below to watch Louie’s uplifting story of survival and recovery!

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.