Lucifer the cat had an unfortunate accident early on in his life. The accident damaged his spine and left him paralyzed and helpless. Thankfully, he was taken in by the staff of an animal clinic in Perm, Russia, where they helped him get better and adapt to life as a disabled cat.


Source: yeahthatsmeinanutshell/Imgur | klykperm/Instagram


Gradually, Lucifer was able to regain the use of a part of his limbs. As he started limping and dragging himself around and exploring the clinic, his heart was overwhelmed by witnessing the pain and suffering of animals all around him. He instinctively started making rounds as a voluntary nurse for all the sick pets in the hospital!

Today, Lucifer (now called Luc by his caretakers) has become a comforting presence for all the animals in the clinic. He spends hours cuddling with them and even keeps them warm. He has also helped save many cats on the brink of death by being their blood donor!


Source: yeahthatsmeinanutshell/Imgur | klykperm/Instagram


The vet staff feels that Luc wants to look out for other hurting animals because he has been through hard times himself. His compassionate eyes and his unconditional love for other animals make him a natural nurturer. Luc is a true survivor who just wants to support those suffering like him! Go Luc!

Click the video below to watch Luc’s beautiful and touching journey!