A police department in Thailand wanted to conduct a case study for a security test on how to react to an armed robber. They decided to do he training exercise in Worawut Lomwanawong’s jewelry store.

During the test, the “robber,” who was really just a police officer dressed in plainclothes, “broke into” the jewelry store with a fake gun in what was a staged armed robbery.

Worawut handed a bag of cash to the robber, who ran off with it.

Throughout the entire robbery, Worawut’s Husky, Lucky, was sleeping on the floor in the store. She didn’t even wake up during the whole ordeal, which shows just how good of a “guard dog,” she actually is.

Worawut posted the video on Facebook, which quickly went viral. People from all over the world couldn’t help but laugh at Lucky’s lack of reaction to the “robbery.”

Worawut says that Lucky knows the officer, since he makes daily rounds in the store as part of his patrol routine, which is maybe why she didn’t budge, but it’s funny nonetheless. He believes Lucky would spring into action if it were a real robbery.

Worawut named her Lucky, since she had a rough past, and he wanted her to start her new life with lots of luck.

Worawut adopted Lucky seven years ago after she was rescued as a stray. Lucky was pregnant with declining health, but was unable to take medication due to her pregnancy. Thankfully, she was finally able to receive treatment and quickly recovered.

Worawut and Lucky have been best friends ever since.

Watch the video of Lucky sleeping through the robbery below.

H/T to Yahoo News.