Lucy, a 2-year-old Portuguese Water Dog mix, shares a very special bond with Whiskey Brown, a 4-year-old quarter horse stallion. They often play together in the luscious green pastures of their mom’s spacious East Texas farm.


Source: countrynow1/YouTube


While these two have successfully forged a sweet bond, their mom feels there is more to their bond than meets the eye. Whiskey Brown is such an adorable goofball– he feels all the farm animals are his little “pets” that he must take care of!

In this video, we see Lucy following Whiskey Brown with a tiny, blue ball. It seems as if she wants to play ball, and Whiskey Brown is quick to catch on to her hints. Like a good pet parent, he sweeps the ball aside and Lucy happily follows to fetch the ball!


Source: countrynow1/YouTube


The duo seems lost in their own world, as they chase each other and roll on the ground. Whiskey Brown pets Lucy with delicate kisses and makes sure she stays safe. We thank Mom for sharing this blissful video with us and also for giving her animals the freedom to show their true happy colors on her farm!

Click the video below to watch this joyful video of Lucy and Whiskey Brown playing together!