A Hound mix, named Luka, met with an unreasonable fate for reasons we may never understand. He’s recovering as we speak at Central Kentucky Veterinary Center after a vicious act left him in critical condition and unable to walk.

Source: WKYT.com

Rescue group, Paws 4 the Cause, took custody of Luka from a local shelter after he was tossed from a moving car. He was then brought to the medical center.

“He’d obviously rolled a few times. He was covered from head to toe in road rash. He had a broken femur,” said Remy Simpson, a volunteer at the organization.

Source: Video Screenshot via WKYT

The shelter didn’t have the resources to help Luka so they reached out to Paws 4 Cause who then brought him to Dr. Fuller. The miracle vet performed life-saving surgery on Luka. And now Luka is recovering and looking for a forever home.

“Luka’s very low-key. Luka’s very sweet. Probably one of the sweetest dogs we’ve seen in quite some time,” said Dr. Fuller. “He’ll be here for another couple days, and then he’s going home with one of the vet techs.”

Source: Video Screenshot via WKYT

The adorable Luka will be placed with a foster family while he continues to recover. Dr. Fuller estimates his recovery time will be about a month. The rescue group is currently taking adoption applications. If you’re interested in giving Luka a forever home or making a donation, visit the Paws 4 the Cause website by clicking here.