Saddle up, get your boots on, and get ready for a doggone western-themed fun time thanks to doggy dancing duo Lukas Pratschker and his Border Collie, Falco. The duo appeared on the hit television show, America’s Got Talent, and wowed the judges with their sizzling country-themed “Footloose” routine.

The 22-year-old used to be terrified of dogs, but Falco joined the family and soon roped his heart. He told America’s Got Talent that he was the first dog that won him over.

Source: America’s Got Talent/YouTube

“Look at his face, how could I not love him,” he shared.

Falco began to learn tricks, and for nine years, the duo has done so many things together. When they took to the stage, Lukas placed a cowboy hat on the dog and it was game on.

As the song “Footloose” played, a fast, furious, fun routine ensued. Falco weaved, danced, spun, and performed a variety of amazing doggy tricks to the song.

Source: America’s Got Talent/YouTube

At the end, he jumped on his owner’s back and had everyone clapping and cheering. Tune in below to watch the fun and see if the team made it to the next round.

Great job, guys!