It is a known fact that dogs are lively, social beings. Loneliness can be scary for them, often making them irritable and depressed. They love having other canine playmates, as much as they love their humans.



Lulu is one happy Golden Retriever, whose two humans decided to get her a sibling to make her days livelier. In this charming little video, we see mom bring home a tiny box, as Lulu waits curiously on the carpet. Mom carefully places the box beside Lulu and we see a tiny head peep out – it is a little puppy called Benson!

Lulu is overjoyed as she sees the little wonder. She can barely contain her happiness as we see her rollicking on the floor in adorable jumps. Aw! She must have really wanted a sibling so bad. Lulu eventually comes to her senses as she adorably goes in to have a close look at her baby brother.



The sibling pair nuzzle up together, looking like two long lost souls who have found each other after centuries! So, if you’re hoping to make a new addition to your canine family, this is your cue!

Click the video below to watch Lulu’s heart-melting antics as she meets baby Benson!