Wisconsin woman Samantha Carress has been distraught ever since she had to put down her 2-year-old Golden Retriever, Luna. However, the fact that Luna’s death was completely preventable has hit the owner hard, and she is trying her best to warn other owners about a silent “dog killer” lurking in their homes.

Source: KPIX CBS SF Bay Area/YouTube

Like every other dog, Luna also used to frolic around the house and bite into anything that she considered edible. When she stumbled upon a pack of lemon-flavored chewing gum, she gobbled up the entire pack without knowing that the sweet treats were artificially flavored with the sweetener Xylitol, a lethal poison for dogs.

Source: KPIX CBS SF Bay Area/YouTube

Samantha and her husband scrambled around in a state of frenzy as Luna’s liver failed and she collapsed. There was a $20,000 surgery that only offered a faint chance to save the dog. But the family didn’t have the financial resources and they were forced to let go of their beloved girl in a tragic manner.

Source: CBS This Morning/YouTube

Samantha has now developed a habit of reading into product labels for Xylitol, and has completely stopped buying such products to keep her other dog away from danger. Authorities say the cases of Xylitol poisoning have increased 4000 percent within a span of 10 years, so it’s all the more important that dog owners check their home cabinets and keep Xylitol-laced products out of their dogs’ reach. Stay safe.

Click the video below to watch how Xylitol killed Luna, and the vets’ warning about Xylitol poisoning.