The Orphan Pet beautifully narrates their rescue videos. We will try to do this story justice but always recommend watching the corresponding video. This rescue story, of a dog named Lydia, hit us particularly hard. But thankfully it has a happy ending.

The story begins when rescuer, Valia, meets Lydia and is stunned that she’s even alive. She looked like a corpse and smelled like one too. The street dog hadn’t had a kind life. She certainly hadn’t had an easy one either. This was obvious. She was a mess and gravely injured.

Once in the car, Valia had to roll down all four windows because the smell hit her right in the face. How was ‘this corpse’ of a dog even alive?

The dog had an open wound on her abdomen that was rotting. She was barely breathing. The most heartbreaking part of all was that the dog was completely resigned as if she had given into death. But Valia still had hope. And her hope had to be enough for the two of them.

Once at the medical center, the surgeon was stunned as well. When he saw Lydia, he wasn’t sure if he could save her life. How had she gotten such a grave wound? Would she even survive surgery? And what about complications after– from infection and pain? The surgeon was willing to try but this wasn’t going to be routine surgery, that was for sure!

Lydia wasn’t just dealing with a gaping wound in her stomach. She was also riddled with tumors in her chest.

The vet had quite the challenge ahead of him. Valia waited, while Lydia was in surgery, for a call saying she didn’t make it. That was a likely scenario. But when she pulled through and the surgery was a success, everyone celebrated!

Picking Lydia up from the clinic weeks later and seeing her walk and alert, was absolutely amazing! The dog, now a true warrior indeed, hadn’t just pulled through the surgery, she was thriving– all things considered.

Lydia still had a long road ahead of her. But everyone was willing to do the work, including the brave dog. She now had a zest for life that wasn’t there before.

Lydia still had cancer and needed multiple surgeries to survive. But again, she was willing to fight and she was willing to put her trust into the hands of her caregivers.

Her caregivers weren’t going to give up on this dog they deeply loved. Valia cared for Lydia around the clock for 5 months and felt every minute was worth it.

Despite all her challenges and her surgeries, Lydia was strong! She loved to go to the park and run and play. She celebrated her good days in between her bad ones.

Finally, after a total mastectomy, Lydia was cancer-free. It was unknown how long she’d live. She wasn’t a young dog. But again, she had a zest for life which she celebrated daily.

Once Lydia was cleared by the vet, she went to her forever home in Holland. A family had been following her story online and fell in love with her and her fighting spirit. They felt she was truly an inspiration. A dog that could keep fighting so hard to live was their kind of dog.

In her new home, Lydia runs like the wind. She now has so much land to do so! She also loves to swim.

Valia puts it best:

Lydia would have died but somehow she didn’t. She transformed her own weakness into strength.

They say that you only live once but that’s not true. You live every day and you only die once.

Lydia is a miracle. Her story is proof that fighting to save her life was worth every effort. Lydia is grateful and happy.

Do yourself a favor and watch the video below. There are no gory images. You can even watch the video with your kids. Its narration itself is truly beautiful– and Lydia’s story of survival is magical.