Finding Nemo would be a good name for the relationship between a Labrador Retriever and his mailman buddy. While many dogs bark and snarl at postal carriers, Nemo the dog is a mailman’s BFF. Every single day, the loyal Lab bounces to the mail truck for his parcel pickups.

How many postal carriers do you know who call for the dog to come out and retrieve the day’s deliveries? Nemo is breaking stereotypes and proving that dogs and mail carriers can be friends after all.

Not only does Nemo have a job in which he dutifully delivers the mail to his owner, but he also gets a reward from…you guessed it: The mailman!

He comes back out for his cookie reward for a job well done. Nemo gets our high paw praise for a job well done and for inspiring other dogs to welcome the postal carriers from sea to shining sea. Is your dog happy about your mail carrier? Watch what Nemo does in this fun video.