Close to four dozen Maltipoo dogs were saved from deplorable conditions in Monroe County, Georgia, living in what authorities call “extremely neglectful conditions.” Thanks to a tip, Monroe County deputies found the dogs living in filth.

Sadly, seven of the dogs were completely missing their bottom jaw, indicating years of dental care neglect. Other dogs, including a mother with one-day-old puppies, were extremely matted, with some having eye or skin issues.

Source: Atlanta Humane/Facebook

According to the humane society, many of the animals will need long-term extensive medical care before they can be considered for foster care or adoption. They wrote, “Their health is our first priority, so please understand that we do not yet know when these dogs will be available for adoption. We encourage all those interested in adopting to keep an eye on our website for the most updated information.”

The animals are still being processed and an active investigation is underway. It is believed authorities may file criminal charges due to the outcome of this situation.

Source: Atlanta Humane/Facebook

Watch the Atlanta Humane Society’s Facebook video below of how they are handling the influx of sick dogs.