Stories of how pups are separated from their mom are never easy to read, especially if they never get reunited. Good thing, this isn’t one of those stories.

rescue puppies

A group of rescuers received a call about puppies that were dumped on the side of the road.

They immediately went to visit the site and found nine starving puppies. They unfortunately couldn’t take the puppies with them that day ‘cause they didn’t have space in their car. They returned the next day, but noticed that one of the puppies was barely moving and didn’t go towards the food. They took it to the clinic and they  assumed that it might have eaten something bad from the road.

rescue puppies

The rescuers were trying to find homes for these pups by posting it on their socials. A family reached out to them saying that they recognize the puppies. They met up with the family and headed towards the location of the puppies, much to their surprise the puppies recognized them. How? Apparently, a stray mama dog gave birth near their house and they fed the family of dogs for one and a half months. But one day, a disgruntled neighbor took them away.

The mama dog has not left and is still waiting for her babies to return.

For the full story of this reunion, check out the video below.