A rescue group, called Love Furry Friends, was called in when a litter of puppies was spotted near the side of the road. Given that their shelter in the Ukraine was overcrowded and they could not take all nine puppies in at once, they decided to leave food and come back for them the next day. They had to make room for the large litter at the shelter. This wasn’t an easy task considering their limited resources.

Before leaving, they noticed one puppy wasn’t eating. This was, of course, very concerning. All the other puppies were devouring the food. Knowing this could indicate that he was sick, they decided he had to go with them and get urgent veterinary care. They put the puppy in the car and headed to the emergency clinic.

The rescue group wrote about the litter of puppies and posted it on their Instagram page. They soon got a call from a family that recognized the dogs. The family had been caring for the puppies and their stray mother in their backyard. They were poor but did all they good to look after the mama and her babies. But then something tragic happened. A neighbor that didn’t like the family was so disgustingly angry that she stole the litter of puppies and dumped them in the middle of nowhere.

The stray mama had been crying for her puppies ever since. She looked for them but had no way of finding her babies. The rescue group asked the family if they could come help identify the puppies. They went the next day and said that this was surely the litter of puppies the poor stray mother had been separated from.

The rescue group was thrilled that they could reunite the family but they had to go about it carefully. The stray mama was very skittish. The rescuers put the puppies into their vehicle and drove to the family’s house where their mom was still hanging around, searching for her babies. One rescuer tried approaching Mama but she was too nervous. The woman then took one puppy out of the SUV and stood far away with him. She tried to show Mama that this was her baby! And to please come and see him. But the dog was too afraid.

The woman and the other rescuers had to come up with a better plan. They were going to do whatever it took to put this divided family back together again. Would the scared mother cooperate? Would the puppies recognize her as well? To see what happens next, watch the video below. It’s worth every amazing minute! Thank you to Love Furry Friends, and the kind family, for their hard work and devotion.