Memphis police were serving a drug warrant when they discovered something far worse.

When they arrived at the home, they discovered 45-year-old Nakial Bettes sitting in a car with a Pit Bull puppy.

Detectives searched the home while Betts and another woman with him were detained. When Betts asked police if they could bring the puppy in the house, they noticed that his ears had been cut off, leaving him with injuries.

Betts then admitted that he had cut the puppy’s ears with scissors a few days prior, and used peroxide and Neosporin on the puppy’s ears afterward.

Officers immediately called Memphis Animal Service, who were appalled at the “home ear-cropping job” that Betts did himself using scissors.

Betts was issued a city summons for animal cruelty, along with other violations, and booked into jail on aggravated cruelty to animals charges.

MAS officers took custody of the puppy, as well as two other dogs that were found in Betts’ backyard.

MAS hopes to find a loving home as soon as possible for the little pup.