A man from Madison County, Kentucky, has been arrested after he abused a dog and threw him into a dumpster.

Officers were called to the home after the dog’s owner found the dog in the dumpster. When cops arrived, they found Tyler Dabney at the home, who admitted to strangling and choking the dog after the dog bit him when he went to grab his tennis ball.

Danny says he then tried to drown the dog in the toilet bowl before finally putting him in a box and throwing him in a nearby dumpster.

When the dog’s owner got home, Dabney told her what he did to her dog. Thankfully, the dog was still in the dumpster when she went to search for him, and seemed to be moving and walking with no issues.

Dabney told officers several times that the dog needed to be put down and that he would euthanize him once he got paid.

He was brought to the Madison County Detention Center on animal cruelty charges.