19-year-old Cristian Lara was sitting in his parked car at the Costa Verde Apartments in Clute, Texas, when he looked in his rearview mirror and noticed a man abusing a dog.

“He was hitting it, slapping it, punching it, kicking it,” Lara told Click2Houston. “At one point I didn’t catch on camera, he had picked the dog over his shoulder and body-slammed it and started kicking it.”

Lara immediately got out of his car and asked the guy what he was doing, but he replied with “nothing” before picking up the dog and running off.

Lara, who caught the majority of the abuse on camera, immediately contacted the Clute Police Department who quickly opened an investigation.

Clute PD has since posted an update on their Facebook page saying the dog had been located and is in good health. He is no longer in possession of his abuser, but the investigation is still ongoing.

Lara, an animal lover who used to work at a shelter and has a rescue dog at home, told Click2Houston that he hopes this man gets what he deserves – prison.