A guy returned his dog to the shelter for being too affectionate and for the fact that she “always wants to be by my side.” A bystander overheard the conversation and snapped a pic of the confused dog, but it would change Jubilee’s life forever.

Source: Jubilee the Rescue Dog/Facebook

To be fair, there were a couple of other reasons for bringing her back; the man said the dog chewed up part of his couch, a baseboard, and a cushion. But taking Jubilee back to the shelter was honestly the nicest thing he could’ve done for her. The dog had some anxiety issues that needed to be worked on, and he obviously wasn’t the person who’d be able to help her with that.

But she’d soon find someone who could. šŸ™‚

This is the picture that went viral and ultimately saved Jubilee’s life.

Source: Holly Steirman

Thankfully, she’s now in a wonderful forever home with a family who appreciates her affection and fully understands all of her needs. šŸ™‚