They say that the early bird catches the worm. But sometimes, having a dependable friend is enough to stay well-fed. In the video below, a gardener was getting ready for his planting activities for the day, when he noticed a tiny baby robin scampering around for food.



The man felt sorry for the little birdie and decided to help her in its hunt for food. He took his pitchfork and unearthed a nice treasure of worms for the bird. The little robin was delighted as she followed the man’s lead to treat herself to the worms.

The robin was even more excited now as she eagerly skipped around the man’s pitchfork. The man became extra careful so as not to hurt the bird. Eventually, he goes on to hand-feed the worm himself to his little friend.



After the filling meal, the bird perched on the fence to take some rest. Shortly after, she flew off towards the sky, bidding farewell to the kind stranger that warmed her heart! We’re sure she’ll be back at his garden tomorrow!

Click the video below to watch this heartwarming bond between the man and the robin!