A distressing CCTV footage from a vet clinic in China shows a man going to great lengths to hurt his already sick pet puppy. Reports say that the man had paid $70 toward the vet bill, and was mad with anger when he was asked to pay more.


Source: Cheg Lee/Facebook


In this video, we see the enraged man immediately lash out at his sick puppy when he sees the high vet bill. He grabs the puppy from the vet’s arms and slams the poor creature hard on the ground. The puppy goes limp and lifeless on the floor on impact, but the evil owner continues to kick the puppy repeatedly.

What’s even more disturbing is that the man shamelessly assaults the puppy in front of a little girl, who is allegedly his daughter. The girl is traumatized, but she musters up the courage to confront her dad. In desperation, she tries to kick her dad to stop him from abusing the helpless puppy.


Source: Cheg Lee/Facebook


This video has left millions of animal lovers sick in the guts. However, it’s doubtful whether the man faced any charges, as China is known for its lax animal cruelty laws. Seeing the motionless puppy , many people also fear that the frail dog was killed in the incident. Let’s raise our voices against such inexcusable acts of cruelty. Spread the word.

Click the video below to watch how the sadistic owner shamelessly attacked his sick puppy.

WARNING: The contents of this video might be disturbing to some viewers.