A Smithfield, Kentucky man stole a police K-9 from the Henry County Sheriff’s Office using Vienna sausages as bait.

26-year-old Brandon Harmon spotted the dog in a deputy’s fenced-in property and used the sausages to coax him out before leaving with the K-9.

The stolen dog was missing for quite some time before he was found later that month, but deputies still had no idea who stole him or what had happened.

That is until a deputy responded to a call regarding a man who was trespassing on someone’s property. When the cop arrived, he found Harmon, who asked him for a ride to a nearby street, where Harmon said he’d be able to identify a weed trimmer that had been stolen.

During their car ride, Harmon asked the officer if their Sheriff’s Office knew what happened to their K-9 who had been stolen weeks prior.

When the deputy asked Harmon if he knew anything about the dog’s disappearance, he admitted that he “had something to do with it,” and then told him that he used sausages to coax him out.

Harmon was immediately arrested and charged with theft by unlawful taking and second-degree criminal trespassing.

H/T to WDRB.