A Knoxville, Tennessee man has been arrested after he tortured a puppy and made death threats toward police officers.

According to Marion County police, Nathan Lee Adams had been feeding his puppy just enough food to keep her alive, so he could continue to torture her.

The six-month-old Lab mix, named Zena, was found in Adams’ home, severely underweight and covered in urine and feces.

Due to her malnourishment, she was unable to walk. Upon arriving to the Marion County Humane Society, they discovered that Zena is 20 pounds underweight, and that her hind legs are broken. Vets will do their best to fix her legs, but they may need to be amputated.

Despite everything she’s been through, Zena remains friendly to staff and never stops wagging her tail.

When police showed up to Adams house, Adams threatened to put car bombs on the vehicles of a dispatcher, two Knoxville officers and a Marion County sheriff.

Adams hasn’t yet relinquished his rights over the dog, but he may be forced to after his court hearing in the next ten days.

He’s currently being held at Marion County Jail on a $31,000 bond for animal torture, threat with explosives or incendiary device and four counts of first-degree harassment.