Riley Manford and her boyfriend Nick Regalia are mourning their beloved dog, Bubs, after a police officer shot the animal three times and killed him.

According to the story from San Luis Obispo, California police, they admit Officer Joshua Walsh shot and killed the dog after responding to a burglary report. Bubs was shot in the driveway of the apartment where his owners lived. According to the police department, Bubs charged at Officer Walsh.

Manford witnessed the scene and says the dog did not attack Officer Walsh but he was being protective of his owner. At the time, she says she and her boyfriend were fixing a window and there was no burglary.

The couple filed a government claim against the city and plan to pursue a lawsuit if the claim is denied. They also want Officer Walsh terminated.

“He should have been terminated months ago,” Regalia stated. “My serious concern now is what negligent act will Officer Walsh will commit next. Therein lies the problem. What does he have to do next to finally address the issue that Walsh should no longer be on the force?”

Regalia says he is paying $10,000 in vet bills incurred trying to save Bubs while Officer Walsh earns $109,000 per year and is still on the job.

Manford also reported the bullets could have ricocheted and hurt or killed someone.

More about this developing story can be found in the video below. We extend our condolences to the couple on their loss.