When one small pup in England was abandoned by her neglectful parents, she broke the hearts of the entire veterinary staff that took her in.  The young dog was basically “naked” and without fur due to a severe case of mange — but that didn’t stop a soul with a kind heart from falling in love with her.

Shortly after this sickly, wrinkly little puppy was rescued from her former life, she found her forever home.

Source: Twitter / Fox 7 Austin

Even though the veterinary staff member Jessie DeFreitas already had plenty of pets at home, she fell head-over-heels in love with the little rescue named Honey. There was something about the sweet pup’s eyes that simply stole Jessie’s heart.

“When I was told we had a new dog, I had to see her. She may have had mange, but she had beautiful eyes,” DeFreitas told South West News Service (SWNS), a British news agency via Fox 7.

When Honey was originally dropped off at the vet’s office, she was in dire need of help. If her abusive owners wouldn’t have signed her over to the vet’s care, she wouldn’t have survived. Because of her state, she needed constant care and attention — but Jessie didn’t mind. She was happy to dedicate her time to nursing Honey back to health.

During the three months of at-home care, the pup completely transformed!

Source: Twitter / Fox 7 Austin

Now, Terra (because the feisty little pup could be a happy “terror” at home) has a full coat, is at a healthy weight, and is incredibly loving and happy.

“She’s recovered really well. You can see it in her eyes– she’s become happier and happier,” she said. “She’s amazing. She’s just the kindest and sweetest thing.”

Today, Terra is an amazing little dog with many happy days ahead of her! It’s truly terrible what her former family did to her; her case of mange must have been incredibly painful. But, thanks to a generous veterinary office, a loving new mom, and lots of care, this fuzzy little one has a new lease on life!