The high school students of Marble Falls High School in Texas have won over their community with their thoughtful gesture toward the local shelter. These intelligent, service-minded students have used their technical construction class as an opportunity to build doghouses for needy shelter dogs!

Source: KVUE/YouTube

Instructor Leonard Venghaus was guiding his students on building homes through small-scale models when one of the students suggested about the potential use of the models as doghouses. Leonard was impressed with the idea and he immediately started helping the students build specially customized doghouses.

After a couple of work-based learning sessions, the students were ready with multiple colorful doghouses. Soon, the students took some time out to visit the “Living Love Animal Rescue” in Marble Falls in order to donate their little creations. They also volunteered at the shelter and played with the happy canine residents!

Source: KVUE/YouTube

The community is amazed at how the students turned their lessons in framing into something so meaningful. Just months ago, kids from Rancho Cordova school in California had also voluntarily built doghouses for dogs who had lost their homes in wildfires.

We believe that kids who are attuned to looking out for helpless animals grow up to be the most valuable members of any society. Let’s spread this good deed by this wonderful bunch of kids!

Click the video below to watch how the students turned their construction class into a special gift for shelter dogs!