A dog that never harmed a soul spent her entire life chained to a wall outside her owner’s home. Her owner didn’t love her enough to free her or even give her a name. She spent every single day longing for love. She lived out her days mere inches from the front door, but was never allowed inside. She was so neglected that even when a large tumor began to grow on her backside, she was denied medical care.

Her food bowl even sat empty. When was the last time she ate? Did her owner care enough to feed her?

Then her savior, Viktor Larkhill, approaches the dog. She wags her tail. Even though she’s been so mistreated, she is still happy. She still likes people!

The dog, despite all she’s been through, sees that not all humans are bad. Makes you wonder why anyone so cruel could ever deserve a dog like her. Oh, that’s right, he doesn’t deserve her!

Viktor looks around ‘her home’. He sees that she lives in is filth, dirt, mud and amongst old items that have been tossed aside. Was she tossed aside too?

But then something magical happens. After all the years on the rusty chain, the sweet dog is finally freed.

Viktor brings her to the emergency vet. He then gives her a name. Finally! The dog who has never felt love is named ‘Maria’. Her large tumor had to be treated and Viktor wasn’t going to let Maria be ignored ever again!

Maria is relieved to be away from that horrible house. She realizes that these new people around her are good people. They will not harm her nor neglect her. They will give her that one thing she has been waiting for her whole life– LOVE.

After an ultrasound, the vet decides that to remove the large mass and to get Maria on a road to recovery, she will need surgery. Now they just have to get her strong enough with proper nutrition.

Watch Maria’s rescue in the video below!

PUPdate: Maria underwent surgery and did great! Her mass was not cancerous and she healed up like the little warrior she is. She also got a new loving home!