One writer’s travel plans with his dog took an unexpected turn for the worst recently. Lachlan Markay often flies with his French Bulldog, Lou, and he never encountered a problem until recently. The reason why his well-traveled pooch wasn’t allowed to board the American Airlines flight has nothing to do with his behavior.

The dog was considered five pounds over the weight limit to fly on American Airlines from Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC to Miami, Florida.

Source: @lachlan/Twitter

Markay took to Twitter and shared a photo of the pup with the caption, “Super cool of @AmericanAir to destroy our holiday travel plans because Lou is five pounds over the weight limit. Never had a problem on AA or any other airline, so I sure know which one I’m never booking with again.”

After the social media post, things became more interesting, as a spokesperson for the airlines said the pooch’s weight wasn’t the issue. Their side of the story goes like this: American Airline’s policy is such that pets must be able to stand up, turn around and lie down in a natural position in their kennel (without touching any side or the top of the container). For Lou, he didn’t meet those requirements, and the issue was with the kennel size.

Source: @lachlan/Twitter

Later, Markay took to Twitter and shared, “PUPDATE: We made it! AA wisely decided to make an exception. A special thank you to Camille and Adrian on AA’s DCA team for the help and to all of you.”

The duo made friends with a service dog on the flight, too. We are glad to hear this trip ended well!

Source: Rptorbandito/Imgur