Animal rescue groups have many things to worry about on a day-to-day basis. Sadly, a group of heartless people decided to perform a random senseless crime against Midwest Animal ResQ (MARQ) in Kansas City, Missouri.

Source: Sasha Sashina/Unsplash

Security cameras at the facility’s parking lot captured a black Pontiac vehicle pull in and a group of people emerged. Some of those people broke the windows of MARQ’s van, hotwired it, and drove away.

Thanks to the kind community of dog lovers in the area, the plea to find the van was shared across social media. The van was eventually found but it had been set on fire and was completely destroyed. Sadly, this is the second rescue group in the area to have a vehicle stolen in recent times.

Source: Midwest Animal Resq/Facebook

“I don’t know how we will get much-needed pet supplies out to our community, I don’t know how we will transport pets in need, I don’t know how we will afford a replacement when we are already struggling with no fundraising and adoption events,” shared MARQ founder and director Erin Morse. “All I can say is I’m heartbroken.”

Source: Midwest Animal Resq/Facebook

Although the van was insured, the monetary value won’t cover the replacement amount plus the deductible is very high.